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Han had devised various tactics dedicated for specific squad competitions. They were exhaustive and thorough tactics made for the purpose of winning the squad battles.


"The reason we chose a surprise attack was because the Elu mage could teleport and use its psychic beam. However, now that it doesn't have that strength, it is defenseless. The Elu mage will not escape via teleportation because he has some sort of 'important task.' It has used its last psychic beam. If Sergeant Red were in our situation, he would order us to attack rather than to withdraw. With all the evidence and data we have, the Elu mage's task right now is something more important than its life."


Han and the squad members saluted and made their way to the dorms. They moved all their personal belongings into their new room. The instructors that had completed the ceremony organized the finishing data into their data bracelets. Much new data were required to be entered into the system with the creation of a new squad. Their workload had increased exponentially.


"Would the higher ups accept this? We saw and trained this student first hand, but all they will care about will be the document report on psychic analysis."


The inspectors took out the map from their data bracelets. They ignored their attendants and headed off to find the shooting range on their own.


Han erased all thoughts of the third years from his mind. He returned to his dorms and looked through the data for the new transfer requests.

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The second years of Ark were in a lull. Their training and lectures were put on hold. Han returned to his dorms to lay down in bed. Everyone had shut themselves in their own rooms.


"What in the world…. Is it a bomb? Are they breaking the rules? No, there is no way Han would be unaware of it."


A bullet flew into a first year student's head; the youth's body fell and spasmed. The youth died, disbelieving until the last moment, with his eyes open. Blood flowed through the cracks of the ground.


Han held onto the ring rope to get up. He contemplated new ideas every time he fell. How could he possibly win against Schwartz?


Psychic powers greatly differed from one individual to another. There were many who had psychic potential in their bodies but could not manifest them physically.


The Elu discovered in the Chinese research center was categorized as: predator. It had become a case study of an Elu's drastic change after extreme torture from inhumane human scientific researches to its body. Now, there was physical proof that the mental health and thought processes drastically influence psychic powers.


Korea had been one of the first countries to be hit in the first wave of aggression and thus had suffered the most casualties.



"If you're hit in the eye or head, it's possible. As long as you don't take off your safety equipment, you won't have to worry about it at all. The helmet is insulated."



Han held onto the ring rope to get up. He contemplated new ideas every time he fell. How could he possibly win against Schwartz?


"That's it. There is no need to fight a battle you can't win. We're not sports athletes. It's necessary to throw away our pride and honor from time to time. It's important to accept that an enemy is stronger than you. It's not necessary for you to become the strongest in any one skill. What you must do, is make the situation the most advantageous for yourself, and battle your opponent with your strongest weapon. This lesson applies to every battle. From time to time, you must give up in order to see the correct road forward. We will stop for today."


"Even if you're able to reduce the falling speed with telekinesis, how can you dare to fall from a tree of that height? Your guts must have inflated."

  • Han checked his squad members' conditions. The youths looked calm outwardly, but their eyes reflected anxiety and fear. Everyone had one question in mind.
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